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OHSFCA Hall of Fame Banquet POSTPONED

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OHSFCA Membership Registration/Virtual Clinic

Letter to Coaches (Clinic Update & other Important Information)



I wanted to let you know about great things that are going on with our association.

#1 We have put together a Virtual Clinic that goes along with our membership.

We currently have 123 different videos up and ready to go for release on Feb. 5th.  1301 Coaches have already signed up for a membership that will allow you to view these Clinic videos.  Special thanks goes out to Matt Bartley and Nick Bandstra for putting this project together.

Make sure you go to and register today.  Please have your personal or your school credit card to get registered.  You must also have separate emails for each coach your register.  Cost is $15 for each individual  or 8 coaches for $100.

#2  We will soon be announcing the North/ South teams.  The four teams will be on the website sometime in the next week.  Players will be receiving a jersey even though we will not be playing the game this year.

#3  The OHSFCA scholarships will be given out again this year.  Because of not having the in person clinic, less scholarship dollars will be given out.  The deadline for scholarship applications is April 1.

#4 The OHSFCA Hall of Fame Banquets for 2020(Thursday June 10th) and 2021 (Friday June 11th) will be held at the Easton.  More details will be available on our website.

#5 The OHSFCA 7on7 Lineman Challenge will be June 12th at Obetz Fortress.  All details will be on the website or email Tennyson Varney to reserve your spot.

#6 Starting in March we will begin to signup for Operation Buckeye Guard. Last year we had 227 teams that signed up. You will be receiving information about this through email or the website.

#7 Election for Winning Edge Coach of the Year and Winning Edge Assistant of the year will be done by Google form sent to the email for all members.  Region 10 will have an election for Regional Director which will only be members of Region 10.  That will be sent out Feb. 15 and the window will close Feb 26.

#8 OHSAA has clarified a few things about this next football season.  First of all as of now we will be starting August 1st.  Second, June and July will have unlimited days of coaching. Third, you can use two of your days in July to have helmets that will count as the two days in helmets.  That means on Aug. 1 you will be able to start in helmets and shoulder pads for two days and then full gear "no contact" followed by full contact the next day.

Brent Fackler

OHSFCA President


The 2021 OHSFCA Application is now available for all OHSFCA Members.

New Message from OHSFCA President, Brent Fackler

January 7th, 2021

Starting tomorrow you will be able to register to be a member of the OHSFCA for 2021.  The registration will be available online Friday, January 8th on our website: .
The membership will cost $15 for single memberships and you can register 8 coaches on your staff for $100. There will be a small transaction fee.  Each coach registered will need a separate email.
We will be issuing codes to these email addresses that will enable you to view the online/virtual OHSFCA clinic this year.
We will be posting many new coaching videos that are being made by Ohio High School State Champions, State Runner Up coaches, as well as other top high schools around the country.  College coaches from all levels will be doing videos as well.  These videos are being made for the OHSFCA.  These coaches realize that we have had to cancel our in person clinic and have stepped up to help out the OHSFCA.
Other state clinics are charging upwards of $100 a person to participate in their virtual clinics.
We are planning on having at least 60 videos available and possibly up to 125 videos all for the price of $15, our normal membership fee.

The date of February 5th is set as the date to open the online clinic.  Please follow @ohsfca on Twitter to get updates on speakers for the online clinic.
As I stated in my last letter, there are many benefits to being a member.  Another one of those is the availability to vote in early March for Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year as well as regional director elections.  
We have a great plan to get our members a huge amount of information to continue to improve as coaches through this online clinic.

Thank you for your support of OHSFCA
Brent Fackler
Kenton High School
OHSFCA President

Message and Update from Brent Fackler (New President)

I would like to update you on what has been going on since the season ended.  In early December the Board of Directors had a meeting where many different things were discussed.

First of all the OHSFCA Clinic has been cancelled, but we will be having a clinic for members of the association on our webpage.  More information will be available in January.  Included in your Clinic Fee has always been our membership for you.  So in order to watch the clinic you will need to become a member.  We will start the new membership in January.  The membership fee will be $15 a Coach or a Coach can get 8 memberships for $100. This will allow you to watch the clinic talks and also to enjoy all the benefits of being a member, which I will highlight in this email later.  We will have hours of clinic talks available on our website...State Champ and Runner Up Coaches and many top coaches as well.

Secondly the board did make the decision to cancel the 2021 North/South games based on many different factors that the North/South committee saw as hurdles to the game being played.  We will be honoring the players selected in some fashion. North/South Coaches will be selecting the teams.

Being a member of the OHSFCA allows us to be able to do many great things:

1) The OHSFCA offers scholarships each year for graduating seniors across the state of Ohio.  Last year the association awarded $38,500 in scholarships and in the last 3 years alone over $115,000 has been given to deserving graduates.  The OHSFCA is able to offer this scholarship program thanks to the involvement by our membership throughout the state of Ohio.

2)  Being a member of the Association allows member coaches to be selected to Coach in the North/South game as well as have their players participate in the game

3) Hospitality room at the State Championship games over the years has been a great perk for members of the Association as well

4) Academic All-Ohio Individual and Team Program has been another benefit of being a member as well.

5) Although we will not be handing out awards this year at the clinic make sure you are still nominating Assistant Coaches for Service Awards and Head Coaching wins .  We will announce them at the 2022 Clinic.

6) The Hall of Fame will be having two nights in June for the recognition of the two incoming classes for the Hall.  Last year had to be postponed.
  Fill out this link to nominate someone for the OHSFCA Hall of Fame

7) Nominate Art Teynor award
8) Nominate SEI award
9) Nominate Head Coach of the year Award
10) Nominate Assistant Coach of the year Award
11) State 7on7 and Lineman Challenge
12) 75% of Schools with memberships gets the OHSAA attention
13) The protocols that the OHSFCA was able to come up with that gave us an opportunity to play this season.  Most teams were able to play a full season and we were able to crown 7 State Champions.  Other states used our protocols to get their seasons in as well.

I know there are many other things as well.

Please support our Association in becoming a member.  Membership will be available on our website starting after January 3rd.  Remember every coach will need an individual email address to tie the membership to for the clinic.

Thank you and have a safe and Merry Christmas.

Brent Fackler
Head Football Coach
Kenton High School
President of the OHSFCA

List of College Football Camps 2020/2021

Ryan Montgomery ~ Twitter: Coach1Tyme ~ Email: ~ Phone: (330) 949-2230



The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association welcomes the Class of 2021!

The class of 2021 banquet is scheduled for June 11th at 6PM (cash bar), 7PM will be the dinner and introduction at 8PM at the Easton Hilton.

Members being introduced;

Phil Annarella- Austintown-Fitch, Warren Harding

Steve Channell- Edgewood, Miamisburg

Jeff Bayuk- Warren JFK, Hubbard

Chip Otten- Coldwater, Middletown

Mike Golden- Watterson, Upper Arlington

Chris Kubbs- Marion Pleasent

Congratulations to the new class of 2021!

Due to Covid-19 the class of 2020 banquet is scheduled for June 10th at 6PM (cash bar), 7PM will be the dinner and introduction at 8PM at the Easton Hilton.

Members being introduced;

Whit Parks- Zanesville, Minster

Brian Cross- Grove City, Canton McKinley, Bishop Ready

Ty Fleming- Shadyside

Jim Ryan- Olmsted Falls

Steve Bartlett- Carroll & Southeastern

Bill Albright- Midview  

Updated OHSFCA Scholarships 2020

Academic All-Ohio Team and Individual Awards

The Academic All Ohio Team and Individual Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all of the teams and players!

ATTENTION LOOKING FOR: Any film copies of previous North-South All-Star games. The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association is trying to track down a copy of the ‘83 game. We appreciate any help that you can give us. Please contact James Reimueller (Co-Historian) at

2019 Scholarship List

Click on arrow above to see the 2019 Scholarship List. Congratulations to all that have received a scholarship!

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